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Trendy IT Jobs in Australia

IT professionals are high in demand. What many people find IT related jobs mundane, dull and uninteresting work, others find it exciting and extremely lucrative. It most certainly can be lucrative if you have the education, experience and skill set required to fill a well-paid position.

There are several IT jobs available in Australia, and this short article will focus on the ‘best’ jobs available.

The ‘best’ jobs, in this case, means the highest paying jobs which are plentiful and candidates are well sought after.

Web Design is a constantly changing position which requires designers who are up to date with the latest software, programming language, trends, Google algorithms, and so much more. If you have a reputation and a strong resume for having success as a web design specialist, there are plenty of jobs out there for you.

Choose the one which best suits your strengths and shoots for the moon when asking for salary- you may be surprised at how much companies are willing to pay for designers who have proven themselves.

IT professionals in ozMost sought after candidates in Australia are those who have experience in IT security and data analytics.
It sounds super boring, but there are plenty of people who love data organisation and programming. Security is the most valuable asset to any company to ensure the safety of their clients’ data.

Breach of security is a nightmare as many businesses have proven over the years, like the recent breaches in security in companies like Ashley Madison and even the IRS. In Australia, the hacking of the Bureau of Meteorology will take millions of dollars and several years to fix. There is no job more important to keeping a company’s sensitive data private and secure, and this will continue to be the focus in the future.
These jobs pay handsomely, and they will continue to do so, especially for those experts who have a strong background and a good reputation for security, and quite frankly, people in these positions should be paid very well. They protect multi-billion dollar companies on a daily basis.

Therefore, the highest paying IT jobs in Australia would be directly related to security and data analytics. Some of the job positions have certain titles, and many companies run ads for specific skill sets and will advertise needing people for the job titles below.

In Australia, the salaries for all of the following IT related positions have a median average of over $120,000 per year:

#1 Security Architect
#2 Data Warehouse Developer
#3 Technical Architect
#4 Solutions Architect
#5 Technical Writer
#6 Java Developer
#7 Information Security
#8 Data Modeller
#9 Change Manager
#10 System Analyst

If you are currently involved in an IT position, and you feel that some of the above job titles may apply to you (perhaps you do some system analysis, but you also do some data analysis), you can apply for jobs with both of those titles.
Studies show that companies are more apt to hire those who have experience with several different types of positions and cross positions opposed to someone who’s been pigeonholed into one discipline. Experts advise IT professionals to apply for the jobs that they have the most experience with and can relate most closely to. During the interview process, it’s a good idea to talk about what other types of IT work you have done and have had experience in.

It’s also a good idea to bring examples of your work and explain certain projects (if no-compete clauses allow for this).

IT Jobs in Australia and everywhere else in the world will continue to be in demand and positions will need constant filling as our world of technology continues to change and get faster and better. It’s the nature of the beast. Lucky are those who have an opportunity to make money doing something they enjoy in a market that is truly in need of people to fill these positions!