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Transforming Thoughts: Daily Affirmations with Self-Talk

Transforming your life with self motivation and daily affirmations will improve your health, your career path, your family relationships and so many other areas of your life.
Without the right mental attitude, though, negative self-talk can subconsciously make you feel as if your life is spiralling downward including all facets of your life.
The ability to stay positive can seem daunting to some who’ve attempted the practice. There is a time that sheer anger, determination, the “can do” attitude, or simply raw motivation suddenly steps in when you least expect it. During a time when you need it most, or you’re in dire need of something, going for that promotion at work, or entering a sports competition, your “positive turbo” booster should kick inside you.

The positive drive

positivity proverb
Positivity proverb

Whatever drives you to accomplish that task, somehow you see it through. It is the ultimate drive which got many successful entrepreneurs, businesspeople, athletes, professionals, where they are today. Although, in most cases, people do give up easily when they stumble into a block or obstacle.

It, subliminally, can start taking over your thoughts in a negative way, but by thinking and talking negative to themselves, they verbally talk themselves out of going for that promotion, for instance. It is basic sabotage that people end up doing to themselves if they continue to think negative.

Fix your negative verbal self-talk by repeating positive affirmations, not the negative statements. “Oh, what’s the use, I’m never going to get that job.” Hence, there goes the negative self-talk that sets-up the entire agenda for that job search.

Nevertheless, to combat negative self-talk one of the best practices is through positive affirmations. Affirmations are basic phrases or words said to oneself in silence or verbally out loud. It is where the positive mentality habits can start for those who struggle with negative self-talk.

Changing: it can be tough but worth it

Changing though is not easy for some people. Looking at it in a different light is to reprogram your mindset and how it will benefit you overall by positive self-talk. It’s the small changes which are suggested by many coaches, leaders, teachers, and many other successful people that can make huge differences to reach positive results in life. Change is possible, although, it does take a considerable amount of courage and risk to change behaviours or attitudes.

You should have pure motivation and energy after saying to yourself positive affirmations on an ongoing basis. Don’t worry; no one needs to know that you are saying them to yourself if you don’t want to relinquish your secret.

It is really up to you because you are who you think you are. If you say you are sad, well then that’s what you’re going to be SAD.

religion and spirituality
Religion and spirituality can help you!

If you say you are happy today, you will be happy today. It’s mind over matter and with positive affirmations practised daily, that power of persuasion will surface eventually. Remember, success is constant.

Another example of a positive affirmation can be parallel to the spiritual side of you.
Here is a good example of a religious statement:

“Guard me against wandering of mind and the intrusion of mundane thought, so that I may be fully present with you, through the power of Your Holy Spirit.” (Prayer from Guideposts: June 2016)

There are many phrases and words that are positive that you can tell yourself subconsciously that can pave the way to a more positive direction in life. Try saying these and memorise the ones you feel you’ll have more use of to begin your quest for positive self-talk.

Examples of positive affirmations; in general

1. I still feel the love from those who aren’t physically around me.
2. Solitude gives me time to reflect on my positive goals.
3. There is no self-pity when I am bigger than life already.
4. Loving myself is important.
5. Counting to myself, breathing slowly, while staying grounded is what I’ll do.
6. My heart keeps me safe and at peace.
7. Right choices are made all the time.
8. I’ll focus on my inner strength, a positive aspect of my life that I’ve accomplished.
9. Trusting myself is far more important.
10. Not one person can get me down.

Adopting the right belief; positively

Finally, saying them every morning, mid-afternoon, evening and before going to bed, daily, will eventually become embedded in your mind. You’ll discover that doing this practice will reap positivism at your work, and your life in general.

Saying them in the present tense is better; when you say them subconsciously, but preferably loudly, you’ll believe in them. To conclude, it helps to adopt positive BELIEVING as well as positive THINKING as you embrace your words you tell yourself daily. You’ll eventually be able to conquer bad, or negative, situations which may arise in your at work, or in your life, making it much, much easy to live.

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