How Richard Branson built his Virgin Empire?

The Virgin Empire Brand has invaded many sectors in the UK and US. Richard Branson, a person with humble beginnings, managed to come up with such a multi-million dollar project that has served people for five decades now. We have succeeded to catch his story we brought it here.

#1. When did it start?

Virgin Empire began in 1970 when Branson sent a mail discount record order. It was not enough for him and the year 1973; he launched his first virgin retail store that contained all music resources and career tools. The first decade of its invention, Virgin Empire become the Icon of the music career in the UK and in 1979 a megastore was set up.

#2. Why is it so widespread?

Richard explained that his idea was not tethered to music alone though that is where it started. His idea was to enhance better services to people and consumers through various professional business ideas that could be implemented in the society. In 1984, the virgin was incorporated into airlines, where there are the Virgin Atlantic flights.

#3. What promoted the business?

The megastore was everything. People used to buy CDs and DVDs, but the major financial blow faced the company when people started using hard disks and flash disks to store music. The brand was the main propeller of the business growth because people were looking for its products. A lot of companies have tried to name their businesses ‘virgin Empire’ but they have not managed to overcome the power of Virgin Empire.

It was not a step success but rather a trial and error journey that let the multi-billion dollar business. Today Branson is one of the relaxing people with over 1 million employees.