How Mark Cuban sold for $5.7 billion to Yahoo! was one of the leading internet radio stations that used to deal with music and other entertainment tools. Three people owned it one among them being Mark. The three saw that the business was making losses due to lack of proper management and high traffic. Yahoo proposed a deal in a bid to secure the site and save the owners from making massive casualties. It is one of the most expensive purchases that Yahoo has achieved so far, and it cannot be compared to any of its investments.


#1. Splitting of the site into video and audio sections

It was divided into Yahoo launch cast and Yahoo Platinum for audio and video respe

ctively.  Through this division, users can have a simple navigation experience to enjoy whatever music they want to. It was rebranded to Yahoo broadcast solutions to make it have a clean identity at all times. It was bought at an estimated price of $10,000 per user, but Yahoo risked and took it. It is now generating hefty returns since its purchase and people are happy as evidenced by the positive reviews.

#2. More changes

The platinum Yahoo has been modified to AT & T yahoo while the Launch cast was renamed to become Yahoo music radio. All these have come with a lot of advancements, and people are happy about the whole idea. It has estimated a rise in the number of users over the past few months.