Get Interviewed

We only select the influential and successful people who started their businesses with no hope but ended up making it from their businesses. Getting interviewed with us exposes your business to millions of potential who customers who are going to buy many of your products that is why it is of benefit to you.

A net worth of above $0.5 million in the first one year.

We interview people whom their nature and business can be used as a reference when people are talking about success. For your business to inspire people, it should have realistic figures and wealth to show that you are from small levels going to top levels. This is why the net worth is critical for you get interviewed.

Not partnered with any prosperous organizations

We need humble beginnings and difficult starts that can inspire people. Individuals who began with a capital of $200 or somewhere around that figure and managed to make millions of dollars within the shortest time possible. If you merge with an organization or business group, your story won’t be inspiring because people will consider it as luck.

State out the challenges and be in a position to say the exact capital.

We need clarity on every matter, every tool and every loophole of your business success. If you are not in a position to clearly state out these facts, then you will not be helpful to us and the audience. Prepare yourself nicely so that you qualify for the interview because it is of benefit for your expansion and growth.