Top 5: the best high-end smartphones at less than $600

While most high-end smartphones, such as those from Samsung, Apple or Huawei, generally cost around $1,000, some devices are available for half the price. Called “flagship killers,” these smartphones usually make a few small hardware concessions (no stereo speakers, no wireless charging, less versatile cameras, etc.) or limit marketing costs to lower costs, without sacrificing […]

Biometrics industry and challenges

Biometrics: Biodigital detects false prints

To counter counterfeiters, researchers at Télécom Sud in Paris (France) have developed a technology to take our internal fingerprint. Their prototype, called BioDigital, is based on optical coherence tomography. Whether it is to secure your computer or smartphone or to improve flow management in airports, biometric tools using fingerprints are becoming increasingly popular. But they’re […]

good car maintenance is paramount

Car Scanning Tools Will Make Your Life Easier

Maintenance, management of small repairs, reduction of fuel consumption are common pet peeves for car owners. With automotive diagnostic devices, drivers can learn more about their vehicle. Specialists give instructions for use. It’s a magical little “entrance,” often placed under the steering wheel that changes the lives of many drivers. By exploiting the diagnostic power […]

online jobs are trending

Trendy IT Jobs in Australia

IT professionals are high in demand. What many people find IT related jobs mundane, dull and uninteresting work, others find it exciting and extremely lucrative. It most certainly can be lucrative if you have the education, experience and skill set required to fill a well-paid position. There are several IT jobs available in Australia, and […]

control your thermostat from the phone

7 Smart Gadgets You Can Buy As Gifts for Christmas

Are you searching for the best smart devices to buy as gifts? Widespread internet connectivity has made companies come up with smart appliances. These devices enable you to control them remotely. Others have features that allow them to perform multiple functions, for example, a steam cleaner. Using an Internet-enabled computer, Smartphone or Tablet, you can […]


Maxi Taxi Company Services

For those who are not aware, Maxi Taxi is simply a transport company that aims to provide its clients with the options they need to arrive at their destinations safely and time. To be specific, the company has been in the service industry for several years now and is regarded as the leading service providers […]

a succesfull entrepreneur

Transforming Thoughts: Daily Affirmations with Self-Talk

Transforming your life with self motivation and daily affirmations will improve your health, your career path, your family relationships and so many other areas of your life. Without the right mental attitude, though, negative self-talk can subconsciously make you feel as if your life is spiralling downward including all facets of your life. The ability to […]

quadricopters professional use is increasing

Many Options to Become a Drone Entrepreneur

Do you want to become a drone entrepreneur? Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Drone ownership has become common among citizens. The question that you might be asking yourself is how do you turn your drone ownership into a successful business venture? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry anymore. As the guide below will show you, […]