The first optical fiber made from wood!

Underwater optical cables now extend over 1.2 million kilometers between continents, according to the Telegeography site, and that’s not to mention the optical fiber that connects each of our homes to provide us with an ultra-fast connection to the Internet or television services. Optical fiber also finds many outlets in the medical field (endoscopes, phototherapy, dentistry, etc.) in lighting, transport, or the military.

These millions of cables generally consist of a “core” of glass and plastic, which have excellent optical properties and are then covered with a sheath with a lower refractive index to guide the light inside. Unfortunately, these materials are often expensive and non-renewable.

Detecting water leaks with light

The objective of the Finnish researchers, whose work has been published in the journal Cellulose, is not to compete with the millions of kilometers of cables covering the oceans. Thanks to its low cost, it could first be used in medicine, where its biocompatibility is also an advantage. But above all, it could be an excellent sensor. Optical fiber can be used to measure changes in temperature, magnetic fields, humidity, or to detect the presence of chemicals. But this requires special treatment to make them sensitive to the absorption of gas or liquid.

In their study, the researchers tested the ability of their cellulose fiber to detect a change in moisture. They dipped 20 mm of fiber into the water and noticed a sudden drop in the transmitted light intensity in less than 10 minutes. Once out of the water, the fiber dries and returns to its original level in 20 minutes. By integrating the fiber into a building, it would be possible to detect a leak or degradation in real-time.

The wood that drives the light

Researchers at the National Centre for Technical Research of Finland – VTT (Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus) have turned to a much more eco-friendly, biodegradable, and cheap material: wood. They have developed an optical fiber made of 100% cellulose. However, wood is not particularly well known as a good light conductor. In recent years, however, wood has been made transparent by removing its lignin and mixing it with a transparent polymer.

Finnish researchers focused on cellulose extracted from wood. They first dissolved it in a solvent, then immersed it in water, which causes the cellulose to coagulate. They recovered an entirely transparent optical fiber with a high refractive index, which was then dried and covered with cellulose acetate at the lowest refractive index. This environmentally friendly fiber, which has excellent thermal and mechanical resistance, transmits light in a spectrum from 500 to 1,400 nm, which corresponds to the wavelengths used for telecommunications. However, it is far from achieving the performance of conventional optical fiber. Its attenuation factor, which measures the loss of the signal during transmission, is about 6.3 dB/cm, where the best fibers with a silica core reach… 0.1 dB/km.

Android 10 available: Focus on the OS improvements

The latest version of Google’s operating system for Android devices is officially released. Let’s see the new features of this OS, which will first be available soon on Pixel terminals.

Good start for Android 10. Almost a year after the first features unveiled at the 2018 Android Dev Summit, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system is officially launched. In a post, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Dave Burke, summarizes all his improvements and innovations that will benefit Pixel terminal users first, before other manufacturers (Huawei, Samsung, Nokia …) based on their implementation and deployment roadmap.

“With this version, we have focused on simplifying your daily life with features based on machine learning, as well as support for technologies such as folding screens and 5G. At the same time, with nearly 50 privacy and security changes, Android 10 gives you greater protection, transparency, and control over your data,” explains Dave Burke.

Advanced security patches from Google Play

In terms of security, privacy, and personal data protection, Android 10 is making changes. First of all, it is possible to share location data with apps when they are used. “You will also receive reminders when an application you are not actively using accesses your site. So you can decide between whether or not to continue sharing,” says Burke. In addition to grouping several controls (Web & App activity, ad settings, etc.) in a single Settings tab. Essential security fixes will be pushed from Google Play when it is updated.

Other Android 10 announcements will also include finer control of silent mode notifications, integration of the Family Link native parental control application to set usage limit rules (time, application, …).

Smart reply and other features

In terms of ergonomics and handling, Android 10 brings several evolutions, starting with the “smart reply” function. It simplifies the user’s life by directly opening content or a link (address, video, etc.) in a specific application (Maps, YouTube, etc.) without going through endless copy and paste.

Note that this function is also compatible with different messaging apps.

Other notable improvements: the “dark mode”

It makes it possible to make the display of content more readable (photos, calendars, …) while saving battery power. Also, the navigation by gestures to make navigation between different tasks and applications more natural.

A new tool, Live Caption, available by the end of the year, first on Pixel, will allow content (audio, text, etc.) to be recorded and integrated into videos with a single click.

Top 5: the best high-end smartphones at less than $600

While most high-end smartphones, such as those from Samsung, Apple or Huawei, generally cost around $1,000, some devices are available for half the price. Called “flagship killers,” these smartphones usually make a few small hardware concessions (no stereo speakers, no wireless charging, less versatile cameras, etc.) or limit marketing costs to lower costs, without sacrificing screen power or quality.

1. Honor View 20

The great winner of our top 5, the Honor View 20 is the first smartphone on the market with a punched screen. To avoid the notch, he hides his front camera in the corner of his LCD screen in a very successful way. It also has a pretty V-shaped lighting effect. In addition to these aesthetic features, the mobile offers excellent performance, allows you to take beautiful photos and has a good range. All it needs now is an OLED screen to qualify for the next category.

2. Xiaomi Mi 9

With its Mi 9, Xiaomi offers almost everything top-of-the-range for less than $500. The smartphone has an OLED display, fast wireless charging, ultra-fast wired charging, triple camera module, and a big battery. All in a perfect design that could be that of a mobile sold twice as much, impressive.

3. OnePlus 6T

A time undisputed champion of value for money, OnePlus is gradually letting itself be overtaken by its irrepressible desire to move up the range. Still, even at $559, the OnePlus 6T is one of the best high-end smartphones in all categories at the moment. Its sophisticated design, OLED display, record-breaking navigation fluidity, and excellent range are sure to suit you. All it needs now are stereo speakers and wireless charging to be perfect. Before going to the checkout, we still advise you to wait a little while: the OnePlus 7 is coming.

4. Asus Zenfone 5Z

While not the most exciting smartphone, the Zenfone 5Z had an excellent idea to be among the first to embed an ultra wide-angle camera in a mobile phone, setting the trend. It’s a pity that its autonomy and design don’t sufficiently honor its high performance. Below $500, the Zenfone 5Z is still a great deal.

5. Pocophone F1

Marketed for less than 360 dollars, the Pocophone F1 is a pleasant surprise. At such a price, this is unprecedented for a high-end smartphone. Snapdragon 845 processor, 4000 mAh battery, the Pocophone F1 even manages quite well in pictures. The only significant sacrifices, the smartphone has a plastic back and displays an LCD screen, less expensive than the OLED. It remains unbeatable in terms of value for money. It is the Chinese giant Xiaomi who is hiding behind this brand.

Microsoft advises not to use Internet Explorer anymore

The Windows cybersecurity expert is encouraging people to migrate to modern browsers and no longer use Internet Explorer by default.

Almost four years ago, Microsoft stopped Internet Explorer, replacing it with Edge as the browser for Windows 10. However, many Internet users, including businesses, continue to use Internet Explorer by default.

In an article published on the company’s forum, Chris Jackson, Windows senior architect and cybersecurity expert, explains the risks associated with using Internet Explorer. Microsoft no longer supports the old browser by adapting it to new Web standards and exposes companies that use it to “technical debt.”

Internet Explorer is no longer a browser, but a compatibility solution

While most consumers probably use Chrome, Firefox or Edge, many companies still use Internet Explorer for older web applications.

Microsoft has tried to encourage companies to improve their legacy Web applications, but IT administrators have naturally chosen, over the years, to use Internet Explorer and its different compatibility modes.

In Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11 uses an Enterprise mode, so IT administrators must add the sites with which they want to use older versions of web standards.

But Chris Jackson warns that “Internet Explorer is a compatibility solution” rather than a browser that companies should use daily for all web browsing activities. He continues “we don’t support new web standards, and even though many sites work well, developers don’t usually test Internet Explorer these days. They test on modern browsers.”

Technical risks

“Technical debt” is a computer term that summarizes the principle of the cost of software in relation to its quality, life cycle and maintenance costs.

If we do not worry about the technical debt, it increases exponentially over time. The company then has to face different problems, such as the impossibility of evolving a solution, because the technology used has become obsolete, or of adapting to a new one.

And the more blocking points there are, the higher the costs of adaptation and development will be.

Chris Jackson admits that some decisions within Microsoft have created technical debt, but warns companies about the risk of accumulating it if they are not more cautious, including continuing to use Internet Explorer.

Edge: the solution?

So far, Microsoft’s Edge solution has not provided a compelling experience for consumers or businesses. Also, Edge was not available on Windows 7 or Windows 8, which further complicated the task for IT administrators.

However, Microsoft is in the process of creating a version of its Edge browser based on Chrome that will be available for testing in the coming weeks.

Windows 10 will decouple this future browser and companies will be able to install Edge on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

It should help companies do without Internet Explorer, but it will take years for legacy web applications to disappear completely.

Android: Google introduces paid license agreements in Europe

Google’s position is clear: if the company can no longer rely on the revenue from services integrated into Android terminals to develop and monitor the system, then some of its “internal” applications must be paid. These are the changes the giant will make in response to the European Commission’s condemnation.

Although Google has appealed the European Commission’s conviction for abuse of a dominant position in Android (for which it received a record fine of €4.34 billion), the company is working to find solutions that meet the expectations of the Competition Commissioner.
Hiroshi Lockheimer, Vice President of Platforms and the Android Ecosystem believes that Android has created more choice for consumers, not less. That is why last week Google appealed the Commission’s decision. At the same time, the company has been working to comply with this decision. They have just informed the European Commission of the changes they will make during the appeal process.

What are these measures?

The company will update the terms of the contract between Android device manufacturers and Google, in particular, so that partners who so wish can continue to offer Google applications in their products running on Android forks in the European Economic Area. Mountain View also indicates that manufacturers will be able to license some “home-made” mobile applications independently of Google’s search engine or Chrome Internet browser.

In other words, an Android smartphone will no longer necessarily have all of Google’s default tools, applications, and services on board.

Tailor-made, but fee-based license agreements

However, if Android remains a free and open source operating system, it will not be the same for these application licenses. Therefore, Google will offer new paid license agreements for smartphones and tablets to manufacturers. Manufacturers will also receive separate license agreements for Google’s search engine, on the one hand, and for the Chrome browser, on the other. On top of this, Google will propose new commercial agreements for the non-exclusive pre-installation of its services, in the knowledge that competing applications can, as before, always be installed separately from its own.

These new options will be available from 29 October 2018 for any smartphone or tablet launched in Europe. Of course, Google is at the disposal of its partners to help them make the transition to this new model, which could be summarized.

Except that beyond the new possibilities offered to manufacturers – who will be better able to choose which Google services they want to provide by default for their products – it would be interesting to learn more about the trade policy adopted in practice by the American giant. You can always push for the default adoption of all your applications and services by offering a complete package without unbundling and also by selling licenses for your application suite, search engine or Internet browser at dissuasive prices.

Biometrics industry and challenges

Biometrics: Biodigital detects false prints

To counter counterfeiters, researchers at Télécom Sud in Paris (France) have developed a technology to take our internal fingerprint. Their prototype, called BioDigital, is based on optical coherence tomography.

Whether it is to secure your computer or smartphone or to improve flow management in airports, biometric tools using fingerprints are becoming increasingly popular. But they’re not flawless. And fraud techniques are multiplying with technological innovations. 3D printing facilitates the reproduction of impressions on silicone lures for example. To combat identity theft, a Télécom SudParis research team has been developing a special kind of biometric reader for five years.

Unlike contact sensors sold on the market, which only photograph the external surface of the skin, their prototype, called Biodigital, also collects biological information in depth. That is the matrix of our external imprint, located 300 to 500 microns below the surface of the skin, which allows us to regenerate the pattern if we damage our fingers. The structures of these two footprints, internal and external, are very similar. Once you’ve identified them, you have to compare them to make sure they belong to the same person and that we’re not facing a decoy,” Gottesman says.

A high-resolution 3D image

fsgdrhdatSHDASGASSGSAEREfsrthyuiiop To capture this impression in depth, researchers rely on optical coherence tomography. Based on a principle similar to that used in ultrasound imaging, these technology projects light waves onto the fingertip via a laser. It is the way in which the photons diffuse, layer by layer, that brings out raw signals that will then be used to reconstruct a high-resolution 3D image of the internal impression. Today, we penetrate to 2 mm under the skin. But the challenge is to get a good quality image. Because the deeper you go, the worse it gets. However, the lure, by adding an extra layer, can decrease the performance of the sensor…”, stresses Yaneck Gottesman.

Is the technology reliable?” We don’t have enough hindsight yet, but synthetically reproducing a lure of such minimal thickness and with such details, it seems impossible today, even with advanced technologies. So we are already significantly increasing the level of difficulty for a forger to reproduce our fingerprints,” notes the researcher. In order to further enhance the safety of the process, the Biodigital reader can also record, in addition to internal and external fingerprints, the position of sweat ducts located between them. The goal is, with the reader, to identify biological structures difficult to reproduce humanly. But to reconstruct these channels, which have a particular structure, in the expected positions, would be a real tour de force,” explains Yaneck Gottesman. The device, now developed with Idemia, is currently the subject of a patent.

good car maintenance is paramount

Car Scanning Tools Will Make Your Life Easier

Maintenance, management of small repairs, reduction of fuel consumption are common pet peeves for car owners. With automotive diagnostic devices, drivers can learn more about their vehicle. Specialists give instructions for use.

It’s a magical little “entrance,” often placed under the steering wheel that changes the lives of many drivers. By exploiting the diagnostic power of each car, the so-called “OBD DIYers” for On-Board Diagnostics has established a whole new relationship with their vehicle.

Auto diagnostics to maintain your car yourself

obd scan toolsOBD or onboard automotive diagnostics provides access to all kinds of information by searching the car’s electronic ECUs. How does it work? The electronic part of a vehicle consists of 15 to 20 boxes, computers. The latter talk to each other and with a giant central computer” explains Sébastien Rousselet, founder of OBD Auto.

By connecting the vehicle’s diagnostic plug to an OBD box, a driver can collect information from the computers and send it to a computer (via a USB cable plugged into the box) or to a smartphone (wifi or Bluetooth, via a downloadable app).

Practical when you want to take care of “small” maintenance operations. To equip yourself, you need between 20 and 50€ depending on the supplier.

The ECU that is the most frequently queried is the engine ECU. With this product, you access what is called the default code,” explains Cyrille Richard of OBD Easy. The software gives a technical description of the problem and then updates the dashboard display.”

How do they work?

The diagnostic device plugs into the car’s OBD connector, which is usually located under the steering wheel near the fuse box.

The location of the connector may vary depending on the model of car, do not hesitate to look in the technical manual. The tool processes information from the on-board electronic system and tells you where the fault is coming from.

online jobs are trending

Trendy IT Jobs in Australia

IT professionals are high in demand. What many people find IT related jobs mundane, dull and uninteresting work, others find it exciting and extremely lucrative. It most certainly can be lucrative if you have the education, experience and skill set required to fill a well-paid position.

There are several IT jobs available in Australia, and this short article will focus on the ‘best’ jobs available.

The ‘best’ jobs, in this case, means the highest paying jobs which are plentiful and candidates are well sought after.

Web Design is a constantly changing position which requires designers who are up to date with the latest software, programming language, trends, Google algorithms, and so much more. If you have a reputation and a strong resume for having success as a web design specialist, there are plenty of jobs out there for you.

Choose the one which best suits your strengths and shoots for the moon when asking for salary- you may be surprised at how much companies are willing to pay for designers who have proven themselves.

IT professionals in ozMost sought after candidates in Australia are those who have experience in IT security and data analytics.
It sounds super boring, but there are plenty of people who love data organisation and programming. Security is the most valuable asset to any company to ensure the safety of their clients’ data.

Breach of security is a nightmare as many businesses have proven over the years, like the recent breaches in security in companies like Ashley Madison and even the IRS. In Australia, the hacking of the Bureau of Meteorology will take millions of dollars and several years to fix. There is no job more important to keeping a company’s sensitive data private and secure, and this will continue to be the focus in the future.
These jobs pay handsomely, and they will continue to do so, especially for those experts who have a strong background and a good reputation for security, and quite frankly, people in these positions should be paid very well. They protect multi-billion dollar companies on a daily basis.

Therefore, the highest paying IT jobs in Australia would be directly related to security and data analytics. Some of the job positions have certain titles, and many companies run ads for specific skill sets and will advertise needing people for the job titles below.

In Australia, the salaries for all of the following IT related positions have a median average of over $120,000 per year:

#1 Security Architect
#2 Data Warehouse Developer
#3 Technical Architect
#4 Solutions Architect
#5 Technical Writer
#6 Java Developer
#7 Information Security
#8 Data Modeller
#9 Change Manager
#10 System Analyst

If you are currently involved in an IT position, and you feel that some of the above job titles may apply to you (perhaps you do some system analysis, but you also do some data analysis), you can apply for jobs with both of those titles.
Studies show that companies are more apt to hire those who have experience with several different types of positions and cross positions opposed to someone who’s been pigeonholed into one discipline. Experts advise IT professionals to apply for the jobs that they have the most experience with and can relate most closely to. During the interview process, it’s a good idea to talk about what other types of IT work you have done and have had experience in.

It’s also a good idea to bring examples of your work and explain certain projects (if no-compete clauses allow for this).

IT Jobs in Australia and everywhere else in the world will continue to be in demand and positions will need constant filling as our world of technology continues to change and get faster and better. It’s the nature of the beast. Lucky are those who have an opportunity to make money doing something they enjoy in a market that is truly in need of people to fill these positions!

control your thermostat from the phone

7 Smart Gadgets You Can Buy As Gifts for Christmas

Are you searching for the best smart devices to buy as gifts? Widespread internet connectivity has made companies come up with smart appliances.

These devices enable you to control them remotely. Others have features that allow them to perform multiple functions, for example, a steam cleaner.

Using an Internet-enabled computer, Smartphone or Tablet, you can control what is happening in your home. That means you should consider them when buying a gift for a friend, relative or family member.
This guide gives you seven smart devices to buy as gifts.

They are:

Smoke Detector

• Smart smoke detectors are one of the best gifts you should consider buying as a gift. That’s because they alert them about fire problems.

• They can also silence them from their phones.

Smart Thermostat

control your thermostat from the phone
• Another gift to consider buying is the thermostat. That’s because anybody will appreciate being able to control the temperature conditions in their homes remotely.

Security System

• Anyone will appreciate a security system as a present. That’s because they know you care about their belongings and their general safety.

• The market has many security systems available. Consider buying those that send videos about irregular activities in homes. You should also select those that can check air and temperature quality using in-built sensors.

Steam Cleaner

• Another device to consider purchasing as a gift is the steam cleaner, for example, a steam cleaner. That’s because they enable the recipient to perform a range of tasks.

• Your friend, relative or family members will appreciate using this device. You will also benefit as you will get to enjoy more time with them.

• Keep in mind that these steam cleaners can perform jobs that previously require mops and handheld cleaners.


ikettle smart features• An iKettle is another device that you should consider buying as a gift. That’s because they enable owners to have boiled water ready by the time they arrive home.

• Another advantage of an iKettle is that you can turn them off and on using their apps.

• You can also let your recipients know they can schedule them to warm water as soon as they wake up.

Smart Electric Switches

• You should also consider buying smart electric switches as presents. That’s because you can turn them on or off using the Internet.

• That’s because they can be integrated with your thermostat or Smartphone. It enables you to turn them off or on depending on your location.


• You should also consider a Smartphone as a gift. That’s because it allows recipients to control the above gifts.
• Smartphones also let you chat or comment on their posts on Social

What to Do

• Make sure you check online reviews of these products before purchasing. It ensures you buy quality and applicable products.

• Consider your budget estimates. It ensures you spend within your budget.

• Ask for warranties. That’s because reputable manufacturers provide warranties for their tech products.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing gifts should be easier using the above guide. Check online reviews and budget estimates to ensure you get the best technology products.


Tips to consider when becoming an entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of those career paths and purposes in life that requires one to cultivate the ambition and determination required to be a success with all business venture.

For those who are not aware, an entrepreneur is simply a professional who is capable of mending the four factors that are used in business such as land, capital, and labour to provide consumers with services and products for their unique needs. While many individuals may want to pursue a career path in entrepreneurship, not many of them have sufficient insight into what it means to become a successful business entrepreneur.

Tips for becoming a better entrepreneur

the-long-road-to-successHere are some of the notable tips worth taking into consideration:
Learn more about business and finance

The first important step in becoming a successful entrepreneur just involves gain more insight into the realms of the business and finance world. Simply put, you want to learn as much as you can regarding the various cornerstones of setting up a successful business venture and some of the notable setbacks that you may come across during the entire process.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, success is regarded as the fragrance of handwork, passion, and determination as well. With calculated effort and work ethic, you are sure of becoming fully-fledged and successful profession within a few years. The added benefit for most entrepreneurs today is that the internet is filled with a broad spectrum of information resources, thereby making it an ideal resource for entrepreneurs.

Work with mentors

Besides that, another important factor take into consideration is that you should work with mentors. Simply put, instructors will provide you with unique insight when it comes to enhancing your overall entrepreneurship skills. Entrepreneurship can be a journey filled with pitfalls and mistakes, and what matters the most at this point is your ability to adjust to new as well as emerging situations with the assistance of your mentor. Besides that, people who learn through the help of mentors are more likely to have excellent results than those who don’t.

Be willing to take risks

become-a-super-heroAs an entrepreneur, another important factor to consider in your repertoire of skills is that you have to be prepared to take risks and highly calculated ones for that matter. While risk-taking might seem like a relatively simple task, it does require the skills and the experience entrepreneurship to balance the profits and losses that can emerge from the given investment. Therefore, an excellent recommendation for you is that you have to be willing to take good risks for the success of your new business venture.

All things considered, when it comes to improving your skills and results as an entrepreneur, it’s important that you take the time to make informed decisions and calculated choices for the unique needs of your business ventures. It’s important to note that there are various other successful entrepreneurs and what the matters the most is your ability to take hold of opportunities as they arise.


Maxi Taxi Company Services

For those who are not aware, Maxi Taxi is simply a transport company that aims to provide its clients with the options they need to arrive at their destinations safely and time. To be specific, the company has been in the service industry for several years now and is regarded as the leading service providers when it comes to providing clients with the value of investing in their services. The company works meticulously to ensure that all aspects of their operations are effective such that clients are sure of professional taxi results each time.


Dynamic transport methods

Whether you are travelling alone, with friends, family or even colleagues, Maxi Taxi services and cabs in Perth Western Australia have something in a store that will suit your unique transport needs. In fact, their taxis are designed to provide the comfort and flexibility of changing the seat layouts to suit any of your travelling needs. The taxis can also hold well over 11 passengers comfortably thereby providing sufficient space for your personal belongings and luggage as well.

Affordable service rates and professional staff

Further lending to their highly dynamic transport methods is the fact that this company provides some of the most pocket-friendly service rates that are available out the on the consumer market. Simply put, they have customised their pricing packages and charging rates over the years to ensure that the clients are always sure of receiving the ideal value for their time and money.

better accesssibility for groups and disabled
Better accesssibility for groups and disabled

By the same token, Maxi Taxi also takes the time to pre-screen all their staff members to ensure their client’s needs are always dealt with a highly professional staff member.
24-hour support and satisfaction guarantee

Gone are the day when you would have to wait up to morning hours to find a taxi service that can deliver you and your luggage to the scene and on time to catch up with your activities.

Maxi Taxi services are regarded as one the main companies that have championed such type of 24/7 support since they not only have a staff member available round the clock to address your concerns, but they also have several vehicles on standby waiting to be deployed to your destination. Besides that, another notable benefit of investing in the services of the company is that they are only paid once they deliver you to your desired destination safely

Experienced drivers and well-conditioned vehicles

More importantly, another aspect of this particular taxi company is the fact that they have highly experienced drivers who can not only navigate all the routes and pathways within the region, but they are also competent at eliminating car complications as they arise. On top of that, one way that the company is synonymous for excellent results in the taxi service industry is due to their well-conditioned vehicles that are procured from some of the top industry names and are regularly taken for servicing to ensure top-notch performance on the road.


Finally, when all factors are taken into perspective, Maxi Taxi are a reliable and competent company when it comes to delivering clients to their desired destinations. This is because the company maintain high standards of professionalism and have immense experience when it comes to satisfying the customer’s needs as well.

a succesfull entrepreneur

Transforming Thoughts: Daily Affirmations with Self-Talk

Transforming your life with self motivation and daily affirmations will improve your health, your career path, your family relationships and so many other areas of your life.
Without the right mental attitude, though, negative self-talk can subconsciously make you feel as if your life is spiralling downward including all facets of your life.
The ability to stay positive can seem daunting to some who’ve attempted the practice. There is a time that sheer anger, determination, the “can do” attitude, or simply raw motivation suddenly steps in when you least expect it. During a time when you need it most, or you’re in dire need of something, going for that promotion at work, or entering a sports competition, your “positive turbo” booster should kick inside you.

The positive drive

positivity proverb
Positivity proverb

Whatever drives you to accomplish that task, somehow you see it through. It is the ultimate drive which got many successful entrepreneurs, businesspeople, athletes, professionals, where they are today. Although, in most cases, people do give up easily when they stumble into a block or obstacle.

It, subliminally, can start taking over your thoughts in a negative way, but by thinking and talking negative to themselves, they verbally talk themselves out of going for that promotion, for instance. It is basic sabotage that people end up doing to themselves if they continue to think negative.

Fix your negative verbal self-talk by repeating positive affirmations, not the negative statements. “Oh, what’s the use, I’m never going to get that job.” Hence, there goes the negative self-talk that sets-up the entire agenda for that job search.

Nevertheless, to combat negative self-talk one of the best practices is through positive affirmations. Affirmations are basic phrases or words said to oneself in silence or verbally out loud. It is where the positive mentality habits can start for those who struggle with negative self-talk.

Changing: it can be tough but worth it

Changing though is not easy for some people. Looking at it in a different light is to reprogram your mindset and how it will benefit you overall by positive self-talk. It’s the small changes which are suggested by many coaches, leaders, teachers, and many other successful people that can make huge differences to reach positive results in life. Change is possible, although, it does take a considerable amount of courage and risk to change behaviours or attitudes.

You should have pure motivation and energy after saying to yourself positive affirmations on an ongoing basis. Don’t worry; no one needs to know that you are saying them to yourself if you don’t want to relinquish your secret.

It is really up to you because you are who you think you are. If you say you are sad, well then that’s what you’re going to be SAD.

religion and spirituality
Religion and spirituality can help you!

If you say you are happy today, you will be happy today. It’s mind over matter and with positive affirmations practised daily, that power of persuasion will surface eventually. Remember, success is constant.

Another example of a positive affirmation can be parallel to the spiritual side of you.
Here is a good example of a religious statement:

“Guard me against wandering of mind and the intrusion of mundane thought, so that I may be fully present with you, through the power of Your Holy Spirit.” (Prayer from Guideposts: June 2016)

There are many phrases and words that are positive that you can tell yourself subconsciously that can pave the way to a more positive direction in life. Try saying these and memorise the ones you feel you’ll have more use of to begin your quest for positive self-talk.

Examples of positive affirmations; in general

1. I still feel the love from those who aren’t physically around me.
2. Solitude gives me time to reflect on my positive goals.
3. There is no self-pity when I am bigger than life already.
4. Loving myself is important.
5. Counting to myself, breathing slowly, while staying grounded is what I’ll do.
6. My heart keeps me safe and at peace.
7. Right choices are made all the time.
8. I’ll focus on my inner strength, a positive aspect of my life that I’ve accomplished.
9. Trusting myself is far more important.
10. Not one person can get me down.

Adopting the right belief; positively

Finally, saying them every morning, mid-afternoon, evening and before going to bed, daily, will eventually become embedded in your mind. You’ll discover that doing this practice will reap positivism at your work, and your life in general.

Saying them in the present tense is better; when you say them subconsciously, but preferably loudly, you’ll believe in them. To conclude, it helps to adopt positive BELIEVING as well as positive THINKING as you embrace your words you tell yourself daily. You’ll eventually be able to conquer bad, or negative, situations which may arise in your at work, or in your life, making it much, much easy to live.

Find more through this video!

quadricopters professional use is increasing

Many Options to Become a Drone Entrepreneur

Do you want to become a drone entrepreneur? Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Drone ownership has become common among citizens. The question that you might be asking yourself is how do you turn your drone ownership into a successful business venture? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry anymore. As the guide below will show you, becoming a drone entrepreneur should be an easy task.

How to Become a Drone Entrepreneur

Aerial Videography

incredible ocean shots
Incredible ocean shots

• You should use your drone in aerial videography. That’s because drones offer you the best angle shots that previously filmmakers had to rely on helicopters to carry out.

• Drones also enable you to conduct videography in places that you could have found out to be impossible to shoot, For example, some River sections and aerial Forest views. Another advantage is that you reduce costs as you don’t need to hire helicopters and pilots for your aerial video shots. You would need to use a video drone here and not a mini drone such as described here


• With your drone, farming is another economic activity that you should consider investing. You can use your drone to identify pest and weed infestation, check your farm’s water levels and soil moisture. That’s because drones can be fitted with cameras to offer you a perfect view of your farm. That’s in the case that you are investing in a large commercial farm.

• Becoming an entrepreneur in agriculture has been made easier with the availability of drones. They act as aerial agriculture experts and reduce wastage of agricultural equipment such as fertilisers.

3d Printing Application

• 3d printing technology has enabled you to build digital models and designs. Drones allow you to see the implementation of these designs and building models. It saves you time to attend to other pressing issues that may require your attention.

• You can use drones in large scale industries such as power plants and road maintenance companies. That saves you time as these are large sections that need regular maintenance. It is an area that you can tap in by coming into an agreement with these road construction firms regarding the outsourcing of these design services.

Aerial Surveillance Services

• Another place that you should consider as a drone entrepreneur is conservation. As drones are becoming more common, you should use your drone in the protection of endangered species and animals. For example, drones are used to monitor the Rhino species.

• You can also benefit from your drones by using them to monitor areas that are prone to flooding and other natural elements. That’s by shooting documentaries and feature films.

Using Multirotors

First Person View to flight
First Person View to flight

• You should remember that the best time to use your drone is during sunny and cloudy conditions. Sunrise and sunset hours are another very good time to use your drone for aerial videography.

• You should also check with your State or local bylaws regarding the use of drones. That because drone usage can be restricted in some areas such as security installations.


Becoming an entrepreneur with your drone should be easier using the above business opportunities. Remember to keep in mind other people’s safety as well as yours when using drones for your entrepreneurship activities.

How Mark Cuban sold for $5.7 billion to Yahoo! was one of the leading internet radio stations that used to deal with music and other entertainment tools. Three people owned it one among them being Mark. The three saw that the business was making losses due to lack of proper management and high traffic. Yahoo proposed a deal in a bid to secure the site and save the owners from making massive casualties. It is one of the most expensive purchases that Yahoo has achieved so far, and it cannot be compared to any of its investments.


#1. Splitting of the site into video and audio sections

It was divided into Yahoo launch cast and Yahoo Platinum for audio and video respe

ctively.  Through this division, users can have a simple navigation experience to enjoy whatever music they want to. It was rebranded to Yahoo broadcast solutions to make it have a clean identity at all times. It was bought at an estimated price of $10,000 per user, but Yahoo risked and took it. It is now generating hefty returns since its purchase and people are happy as evidenced by the positive reviews.

#2. More changes

The platinum Yahoo has been modified to AT & T yahoo while the Launch cast was renamed to become Yahoo music radio. All these have come with a lot of advancements, and people are happy about the whole idea. It has estimated a rise in the number of users over the past few months.


Four things that Tony Robbins does daily that make him successful

Robbins is one of the business Icons that have been a reference whenever the word success in life is discussed. Many people think that is extraordinary and a genius but from his sentiments, the guy does simple things in a unique way. We managed to have him in the studio, and we got some of his daily actions.


#1. Reading books every morning for 30 minutes.

Robbins reads a lot of books and articles every morning. His aim is to gather knowledge and experience in the world that could help him to build new ideas that are essential to his day to day operations. He frequently focuses on finance and social or business life. However, he says people should not read political ideas because they are an enemy to business people always.

#2. Create excellent financial habits

You don’t have to spend a lot or spend little to complicate life. Robbins suggests that you should always look for the ways to spend less than what you have. Don’t concentrate too much on what you have, just look for more ways of making more money and you will be a lucky person in the world. Through these habits, you will see the change in your life.

#3. Simplifying his goals every day.

He has a habit of making that every strategy he keeps is easy to follow and achieve. He further clarifies that it would be of no use to set targets that are beyond reach. Just ensure that you set what you can make otherwise everything will remain like a dream to you.

#4. He gives back to the society

This is a major habit that propels success to people. People can see this as a losing exercise, but it is worth for every positive thinker. You will find more expansion because a lot of people will know you and you will have the best market for your business.


Success is not how much money you have but how easy you can solve things and problems affecting the society and yourself.

How Richard Branson built his Virgin Empire?

The Virgin Empire Brand has invaded many sectors in the UK and US. Richard Branson, a person with humble beginnings, managed to come up with such a multi-million dollar project that has served people for five decades now. We have succeeded to catch his story we brought it here.

#1. When did it start?

Virgin Empire began in 1970 when Branson sent a mail discount record order. It was not enough for him and the year 1973; he launched his first virgin retail store that contained all music resources and career tools. The first decade of its invention, Virgin Empire become the Icon of the music career in the UK and in 1979 a megastore was set up.

#2. Why is it so widespread?

Richard explained that his idea was not tethered to music alone though that is where it started. His idea was to enhance better services to people and consumers through various professional business ideas that could be implemented in the society. In 1984, the virgin was incorporated into airlines, where there are the Virgin Atlantic flights.

#3. What promoted the business?

The megastore was everything. People used to buy CDs and DVDs, but the major financial blow faced the company when people started using hard disks and flash disks to store music. The brand was the main propeller of the business growth because people were looking for its products. A lot of companies have tried to name their businesses ‘virgin Empire’ but they have not managed to overcome the power of Virgin Empire.

It was not a step success but rather a trial and error journey that let the multi-billion dollar business. Today Branson is one of the relaxing people with over 1 million employees.